Peter Gould, Author

Sixteen-year-old Victor, a thoughtful loner who tries to live his life “under the radar,” wants to test out the saying “You have to be naked to write.” When he sneaks off with an old Royal typewriter to his uncle’s cabin deep in the Vermont woods and strips off his clothes, he expects Thoreau-like solitude.

What he gets is something else—both funny and, as his high school English teacher likes to say, “transformative.” For he discovers a face in the window watching him—Rose Anna, a homeschooled free spirit with an antique fountain pen and a passion to save the planet.

Their unexpected encounter marks the beginning of an inspired writing partnership—and a relationship as timeless and eager as the Vermont woods in spring.

Melanie Kroupa Books
Farrar Strauss and Giroux
Age Range: 14 and up
ISBN: 978-0-374-38483-8
ISBN-10: 0-374-38483-5
Hardcover, $16.95


Accolades & Awards

2009 Bank Street College, Best Children’s Books of the Year

2009 Green Earth Book Award for Young Adult Fiction
"WRITE NAKED is the 2009 co-winner of the National Green Earth Book Award, instilling a sense of responsibility for nurturing, protecting, and defending the natural environment." --Newton Marasco Foundation

“Refreshingly lacking teen angst. Gould weaves a spell . . . particularly in the emotionally charged yet controlled conclusion.” —School Library Journal

“The engaging youthful narration is authentic yet rich with sensual detail and figurative language . . . . Young adult readers will not want to put down this exceptional debut.” — VOYA

“Gould offers a sophisticated novel featuring two cerebral teens.” —Booklist

“There is an authenticity . . . and burgeoning wisdom that celebrates youth in a way that is utterly plausible, subtly breathtaking and a privilege to behold.”—Rutland Herald

“WRITE NAKED is the story of a boy and a girl; a cabin and a dog; a typewriter and an old fountain pen; intertwined stories, a shared journey, and the future of our planet. Peter Gould -- like his endearing protagonist -- is now someone whom I'm dying to know.” —Richie’s Picks

“Peter Gould’s WRITE NAKED takes the reader on a sensual journey into the heart, mind, and soul of sixteen year old Victor. Gould's protagonist is painfully honest, disarmingly innocent, seductively endearing, and astoundingly patient. We are privileged to witness his awakening. And our own. Hunker down under the radar, undo your armor, and read it.” —Karen Hesse, author of the Newbery Medal book, OUT OF THE DUST

Write Naked appeals on several levels—most definitely as an offbeat romance but also as a story about a couple of sensitive teens making their way in the world.” —Bookslut.com

"I enjoyed WRITE NAKED alot . . . I liked how calm it was."—A YALSA YA Galley Teen Reader